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Cattle Breeding


On our farm we raise cattle of two well-defined breeds:
Limousine that comes from France;
Belgian blue that comes from Ireland.
Once purchased, the animals remain in our stables for about 6/7 months and then destined for sale on the market.
The animals are raised on bedding and slatted floor stables, the manure and sewage produced are the main resources for fertilization of the land we cultivate.

Our company has set up its breeding with the aim of protecting the animal welfare, promoting the adaptation of animals and reducing sources of stress.
We guarantee our cattle:
• highest standards of space and hygiene;
• nutrition targeted to the need of the single animal.

Our animals are fed with a mixture composed and created directly by our staff in order to satisfy and optimize the needs of the cattle.
It consists of a mix of: straw, waxy corn, corn flour, bran, soy and mineral salts.

Ours is an agro agricultural-livestock farm, this means that the sowing land is cultivated with the goal of feeding our livestock. In our land we grow: straw cereals, soy and corn.